Welcome to Bathe to Save Shop!

Saving the lives of the dogs in shelters across America!

The Bathe To Save Tour is on a mission to save the lives of the dogs in shelters across America that don’t find a home each year. We’re on a mobile dog-washing tour through every state, raising awareness and raising money as we partner with shelters and continue to build a lasting, nationwide community that is directing its energy to drastically reduce the number of dogs euthanized each year- which is currently estimated at 1.2 million dogs killed yearly because they can’t find a home.

When we wash shelter dogs, they are often adopted soon afterward, and our public dog-washing events in coordination with these shelters bring out like-minded dog-lovers in local communities that are dedicated to animal welfare. Your involvement in our growing movement actually saves dogs’ lives!

You can help in a variety of ways: Bring out your dogs to get washed! Spread the word about our events! You’ll be contributing toward the funds that provide shelter and support for these dogs. Browse our extensive and growing collection of designs for Shirts, Mugs, and Wall Art! Many of our designs can be customized with your dog’s name or picture to create a tribute to your best friend.

Your purchases in the Bathe To Save Shop help to fund the tour as we rally and energize city after city toward minimizing canine euthanasia. These products make great gifts and help to return the collective loyalty that dogs faithfully express for their humans day after day.

Do your part to save dogs’ lives! We’ll see you on the tour!

-Bathe To Save & The Amos Family